Steel Door

ABSDOOR is one of the 5 largest manufacturers in the steel door sector in Turkey with its state-of-the-art machinery, experienced team in manufacturing and dynamic administrative staff. ABSDOOR, the foundations of which were laid in 1982, has adopted the principle of bringing Turkey and the world together with its products with modern lines since the day it was founded. ABSDOOR, which has accelerated brand and product promotion by investing in manufacturing in its sector in KAYSERİ Organized Industrial Zone since 2005, has become one of the largest steel door manufacturers in Turkey.

Our mission

ABSDOOR’s mission is to provide the right quality-price ratio; To meet consumer expectations at the highest level with the help of its wide product range and flexible production structure.

Our vision

Our vision is to be among the first steel door companies that come to mind in the world market by creating differences in the steel door industry and to achieve permanent superiority.

Why you should work with us?
01.We have a flexible manufacturing structure.

We are one of the rarest steel door manufacturers where all stations for production (metal cutting-twisting, painting, furniture, etc.) are within the enterprise.

02.We can do custom manufacturing.

We can make custom manufactured doors. By taking advantage of the width and flexibility of our production track, we can easily go beyond the standard lines and production.

03.We have international quality standards.

We provide the international criteria that are needed in the products and certify the manufacturing quality.

04.We have qualified human capital.

Although our employees have professional qualification certificates, we seek to increase our team competencies with regular in-company trainings.

The foundations of ABSDOOR, one of the most well-established and reliable companies in the sector, were laid in 1982. Since the day it was founded, ABSDOOR Steel Door has adopted the principle of bringing together Turkey and the world with its products with modern lines. The fact that 80% of its production is exported abroad today and that ABSDOOR signed products are preferred in many projects is the most concrete example of ABSDOOR’s branding in the field of steel doors. We would also like to state that our company is among the first representatives of modern and luxury steel door understanding in Turkey. This is the most important proof that we, as ABSDOOR, have a leading stance in the steel door industry.

ABSDOOR has accomplished many important projects in Turkey and in the world, thanks to its experience and technical infrastructure in steel-sheet processing. In this way, it has made significant contributions to the shaping of new living spaces. ABSDOOR, which has accelerated its brand and product promotion by investing in the steel door sector in the Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone since 2005, has become one of the largest steel door manufacturers in Turkey today.


ABSDOOR is one of the rarest steel door manufacturers in its sector, where manufacturing discipline, maximum customer satisfaction, quality and aesthetic product understanding come together. With this exemplary stance, it has brought many innovations to Turkey by closely following the steel-sheet and MDF processing technologies in the world. Since its establishment, it has continuously taken its business and manufacturing targets one step higher. In particular, ABSDOOR Steel Door is proving that it is one of the most important companies in the steel door sector, by producing 35,000 steel doors annually and presenting it to the Turkish and world market in line with its targets, and being preferred in many large-scale projects.

ABSDOOR has established dealerships in many cities across the country in order to maintain its rapid growth at the point it has come. Our company, which attracts more than expected attention; It also responds to domestic individual consumer demand in this way. It has a say in the steel door sector in the Middle East, Africa and Europe with our products offered for sale at more than 100 points in 20 different countries.


We shape all our manufacturing and design processes in line with the needs with professional planning activities.


We process steel doors like a work of art in our unique production line with professional manufacturing plans.


We deliver our products within the time we promised to our customers, with a satisfaction guarantee.

We blend quality, art, aesthetics and safety for you in steel doors.Our Collection