With our state-of-the-art machinery, our experienced team in manufacturing and our dynamic administrative staff, we prioritize quality in steel doors and blend art, aesthetics and safety.

  • Compliance with quality standards
  • Continuous environmental surveillance
  • High security technology


CASE: The Steel Case, which we have manufactured from 1,50mm Bending CCR1110 Quality DKP Sheet, is adjustable to fit your wall. Thus, it can be easily and securely mounted on any wall.

WING: We Carefully Weld the Trapezoidal Sheet Bend from 1.00mm into the Steel Wing Frame, which we produce from CCR1110 Quality DKP Sheet Metal with 1,50mm Thickness and (60×40)cm Profile in the Blind Frame System, and We Make the Monoblock Steel Wing Ready for Your Safety.

LOCK SYSTEM:   We use Kale Brand Semi-Central Locking System. In this way, every time you turn the key, you will be able to easily open and securely lock the 6+1 Point and 3-Stage High Level Locking Mechanism at the same time. In addition, thanks to the Adjustable Luxury Snap-Lock Striker we use, you will make sure that your door is properly closed and unwanted guests are kept out.

HINGE: With 3 pieces of 30mm diameter shaft, ball, adjustable and lubricated nickel plated luxury hinges, you will ensure your safety without compromising on aesthetics.

SAFETY PIN: Thanks to the ABSDOOR Logo, 4 Pieces of 22 Safety Pins with Cover, your door will pass into the safe from the hinge side, just like a money box, and ensure the safety of your family.


WING SURFACE: US Walnut PVC Coated Lath with 185cm length (18×25)mm dimensions is applied on 10mm MDF with UV, High Scratch Resistant Black High Gloss (Glossy) PVC Coating on the Front Surface. Satin White PVC Coated 10mm MDF is used on the back surface.

CASE COVERING: Outer Molding is Covered with PVC Coated MDF with 12mm Thickness and 14cm Width and Metal Parts are Covered. The Decorative Warmth of the Wood is Highlighted by Covering the Case Wall and Interior Moldings with the Same Material.

ALUMINUM SEREN: The Outer Frame Design of the Wing is Covered with 93mm Width Stainless Inox Aluminum Seren, which is our proprietary product.

CLASS ACCESSORIES: We use 150cm Black Teflon Coated Profile Pull Handle on the Exterior of the Door, and Special Erciyes Door Handle with Mirror on the Inner Side. Thanks to the Covered Imported Lens Door Binoculars with 180 Degree Viewing Angle, you can easily see who is coming before you open your door. We also use the Concealed Safety Clamp with a Square Mirror as a Complementary to the Accessory Harmony.

PAINTING SYSTEM: The Casing and Wing, which are First Washed with Phosphate (PO₄³⁻) and Degreased, are Covered with Environmentally Friendly Electrostatic Powder Paint in the Second Step, and Finally, An Aesthetic Surface Resistant to Climate Conditions and Impacts is obtained by being heated in special ovens set at 220°C for 15 minutes. It is done.


STONE WOOL: We insulate the door by covering the inside of the sash with Stone Wool of 70mm Thickness and 50DNS Density.

DOUBLE GASKET: We use EPDM Rubber Gasket in accordance with TSE Standards on the frame and ‘T’ Groove Rubber Gasket on the Wing. We keep the cold air and noise outside, and the warm air and peace inside your home, thanks to the first quality wick we use on both the casing and the sash.

Why should ABSDOOR Steel Door be preferred?

ABSDOOR is one of Turkey’s top 5 manufacturers in the steel door sector with its state-of-the-art machinery, experienced team in manufacturing and dynamic administrative staff. ABSDOOR, whose foundations were laid in 1982, has adopted the principle of bringing Turkey and the world together with its products with modern lines since the day it was founded. ABSDOOR, which has accelerated brand and product promotion by investing in manufacturing in its sector in KAYSERİ Organized Industrial Zone since 2005, has become one of the largest steel door manufacturers in Turkey today. To summarize ABSDOOR briefly;

  • It is one of the few steel door manufacturers that can perform all production processes (cut-twisting, paint, furniture, etc.) within its own structure and has a flexible manufacturing structure.
  • Based on the width and flexibility of its production track, it is a steel door company that can go beyond standard production and make special production.
  • It has international standards that are needed in its products and certify the production quality.
  • It is a whole with qualified human capital that has proven themselves with professional competence certificates in production and management.
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