Why is ABSDOOR Steel Door Preferred?

ABS DOOR Steel Door is one of Turkey’s top 5 manufacturers in the steel door sector with its state-of-the-art machinery, highly experienced team in manufacturing and administrative staff with a quarter of a century of experience.

ABSDOOR STEEL DOOR, the foundations of which were laid in 1982, has always adopted the principle of bringing Turkey and the world together with its products with modern lines since the day it was founded.

ABSDOOR, which has accelerated its brand and product promotion by investing in manufacturing in its sector in the KAYSERİ organized industrial zone since 2005, has become one of the largest steel door manufacturers in Turkey today.

To summarize briefly, ABS DOOR Steel Door;

It is one of the few steel door manufacturers that can perform all production processes (cutting-twisting, painting, furniture, etc.) within its own structure and has a flexible manufacturing structure. Based on the width and flexibility of its production track, it is a steel door company that can go beyond standard production and make special production. It has international standards that are needed in its products and certify the production quality. It is a whole with qualified human capital that has proven themselves with professional competence certificates in production and management.

ABSDOOR STEEL DOOR has made significant contributions to the shaping of new living spaces by signing many important projects in Turkey and in the world, thanks to its experience and technical infrastructure gained over the years in sheet metal processing.